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Do you like Mega Man music? Of course you do!

Do you like to ROCK? Then do we have you covered. The Megas are tribute band in the metal/prog rock vein who write epic lyrical tributes to the Mega Man games in the form of character-driven concept albums, remixed from the games’ original tunes. Their Mega Man 2 album, Get Equipped, put them on the map in 2008, but their recent take on Mega Man 3, History Repeating, is a huge leap forward for the group and should be required listening for any Mega-fan. This arrangement of Snake Man’s theme is just a sampling.

"Red", the second part of History Repeating, was just released this year and features some of their best work yet; check it out! And keep this on the down low, but rumour has it that The Megas’ next album will be based on either Mega Man 9 or X.

  • Track: Walk Away From Light (Snake Man)
  • Artist: The Megas/Capcom
  • Album: History Repeating ~ Blue (Mega Man 3)
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